Drum Rinsers

All PureFill DRUM RINSERS include the following standard features:

  • Upright or inverted models available ( inverted model shown above)
  • Semi or fully automatic operation
  • Batch or inline options
  • Single or multi-drum configuration
  • Optional DI water day-tank and pump system to maintain pressure
  • Uses high-impact rotating nozzle
  • Dip-tube and/or bung plug rinse stations optional
  • Interior and Exterior rinsing available
  • Controls allow for storage and retrieval of various wash scenarios
  • Wash cycles can be controlled by time or sensors, i.e. PH
  • Cabinet or conveyor mounted models also available
  • Various program options allow for selecting wash cycles based
  • Can accommodate various size drums
  • Wide range of wetted parts that will meet any product specification
  • Cabinet materials available to meet the requirements in high purity, corrosive and hazardous areas

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