Inverted Drum Wash Station


  • Inverted rinsing, operator places drum over nozzle riser.
  • Inside, outside or inside/outside rinse selectable.
  • Drum is rinsed utilizing a high impact rotating nozzle mounted on a self retracting riser to provide full coverage inside the drum.
  • iser extends/retracts into housing to prevent damage during loading/unloading of drum.
  • Database stores wash cycles and preferences.
  • Port to attach to customer’s scrubber system.
  • Multiple size and diameter drums may be chosen.
  • Optional Day Tank and Pump to maintain constant water pressure. Day Tank system provides consistent DI water pressure to system. Wash quality is then unaffected by changes in plant DI pressure.
  • Automatic drain-pan bath flows water across drain floor when drum is being loaded to avoid thermal reaction with Sulfuric etc.
  • Safety interlocks on doors.
  • Alarms for low water.
  • Teflon diaphragm valves, PVDF piping, Teflon internal nozzle, PP exterior nozzles.
  • Control box located at station.
  • Vent ports on top of cabinet for attachment to scrubber.
  • Alarm, cycle status indicators and display.
  • Optional PH control, allows drum cycle to be determined by PH of effluent from rinser.

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Method of Operation

1. The operator selects product from database.

2. Operator opens door and places inverted drum inside with bung over riser, using alignment indicator.

3. Operator closes door to station.

4. Operator presses "Start Cycle" button.